Monday, November 29, 2010

NASCHY BLOGATHON LINKS for Monday, November 29!

 The Paul Naschy Blogathon is off to a roaring start, thanks to some great contributions from some fantastic bloggers! We've got reviews of some of Naschy's well-loved flicks, some obscurities that may have even hardcore fans scratching their heads, some tributes to the man and his characters, and even a DMV connection! Unpossible, you say? Read on!

  • Also, at his tumblr, Darius offers a rare glimpse of the testosterone-dripping Paul Naschy as you've seldom seen him before: in drag!

A great start to a great week! I'll be updating the list later in the day, so if you are posting after lunch, or if I missed someone, please let me know either in the comments or via email at! Thanks to everyone who's chimed in so far, and thanks everyone who plans to in the coming days!

The Vicar


Scott Phillips said...

Wow, it's off to a great start! How the heck am I supposed to get any writing done today with all this stuff to read?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all your efford remembering my father. This is a very special time and this kind it´s a wonderful present.

Thank You again!

Sergio Molina

Dr. Gangrene said...

Just put my first post of the blog-a-thon up a few minutes ago...

... reviewing Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman. Long live Naschy!

The Vicar of VHS said...

@Scott--stay strong! Keep reading and writing! It'll all be worth it!

And to Sergio Molina, I'm so honored by your comment! Your father is very important to thousands of fans around the world, and his legacy will survive. Paul Naschy's work has brought so much joy to me and to my friend The Duke, we're happy to do what we can to keep his memory alive.

Thank you for reading, and all our love and best wishes to you and your family.

The Vicar of VHS said...

@Dr. Gangrene--sorry I skipped over a minute ago; your link will be in the next update early evening! Thanks for being a part of the blogathon!

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