Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Check out the Vicar's guest spot on Rupert Pupkin Speaks!

Good morning, parishioners! Things continue to move slowly here at the Vicarage, but that doesn't mean your ever-loving cinematic clergyman has been idle. I was pleased and excited when Mr. Pupkin himself of the entertaining blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks invited me to take part in his expansive series, "Bad" Movies We Love.

Of course the Duke and I are all about celebrating the films others mistakenly label as "bad," and most of my favorite such films have already been celebrated here on the site. However, at Mr. Pupkin's urging I was able to construct a list of eight movies for which I have an especial fondness, but which somehow have never made it into review form here on Mmmmmovies. Click on the link to check out my reflections on these unheralded works of art:

"Bad" Movies We Love Guest Post: The Vicar of VHS

And keep watching the skies!

The Vicar


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