Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Everlasting Naschy" -- a video tribute by Don Cunningham

The Duke and I are once again pleased to present a piece of work by another passionate Naschy fan. This one comes to us from Don Cunningham. Here's what Don has to say about the creation of the piece:

This video comes from a “trip” I took from September 2006 – September 2007 with the US Army to Iraq. Life seemed to have other plans for me other than following Naschy’s footsteps by making movies like I had wanted to. The best thing about going to war had to be the support of my friends, mostly from the Latarnia forums. A few sent me care packages of Euro horror and Naschy titles I had yet to see. I had already watched Count Dracula’s Great Love, but didn’t mind upgrading my cut vhs to the nudity filled dvd-r from Sinister (BCI had yet to release their superior Naschy DVDs!).

I worked as a Casualty Liaison in Iraq, meaning I wrote casualty reports. Times were busy, but there was also downtime. When there was downtime I would watch my Naschy discs. At one point I had an idea while listening to music and having a movie on mute, “Why not rework the movie to a song?” I’m not the only one who has thought that, but went for it. I used different genres of music when creating the videos. The following features Howard Jones’ “Everlasting Love.” Enjoy a little bit of the 80’s, Paul Naschy and Mirta Miller.

Don Cunningham

Thanks Don, for both you service and your creativity! And now, enjoy Don's video, "Everlasting Naschy":

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