Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NASCHY BLOGATHON LINKS for Wednesday, December 1, part 2!

More Naschy equals More Better, and the tributes and reviews are still coming in! It may be poor form to do this smack-dab in the middle of the blogathon, but I want to go ahead and say it anyway: thanks SO MUCH to all the great horror bloggers and Naschy fans who have participated so far, and those who are yet to post their entries! It's already been much bigger and better than I could have imagined at the outset, and it's been wonderful to wake up every day to more Naschy love all over the web! You guys rule!

And now, on to those lunchtime links:

  • There's been a lot of love for Naschy's second-most famous creation, the vile sorcerer Alaric de Marngac, already in this blogathon, and rightly so! Today at Mondo Esoterica, Tim Young gives us a double shot of dastardly doings with his reviews of both Naschy's Alaric flicks, Horror Rises from the Tomb and Panic Beats!
  • Hardcore Naschyphile Rod Barnett of Bloody Pit of Rod takes this opportunity to focus on an often-neglected aspect of Naschy's legacy, in his excellent essay, "Paul Naschy, Screenwriter"! Also, if you haven't already, be sure to check out the NaschyCast podcast series hosted by Rod and his compatriot Troy--up to 10 episodes and still going strong!
  • The Video Junkie crew is not letting up, as today Will reviews the late-cycle entry into the Waldemar Daninsky saga, Licantropo!
  • Meanwhile, the proflific Dr. Morbius at Krell Laboratories jumps into the way-back machine to look at the second-earliest surviving Daninsky flick, Assignment Terror! Waldemar, the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, the Mummy, and Michael Rennie, together on one screen!

    And that's all for now--as always, check back later tonight for more Naschython links, and let me know if I've left anyone out And watch this space this afternoon for more goodies, including a bit of Naschy goodness from the Duke of DVD!

    Yours in Naschyness,
    The Vicar

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      Brad said...

      I am fairly new to The Cult Of Naschy, (I bought Horror Rises From The Tomb about 2 1/2 years ago, and many more since then)and I have to say that I think the Blogathon has been a huge success already. I think that the overriding feature that comes through in his films is that he loved the genre and the fans. It is hard to imagine that Dario Argento (a fella I love) would be as approachable as Mr. Naschy was. I have really enjoyed the posts so far and want to thank you guys for making it happen. Not having a blog myself, I have celebrated by watching Naschy films all week. Tonight's film is Panic Beats. Long live Paul Naschy!

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