Friday, December 3, 2010

NASCHY BLOGATHON LINKS for Friday, December 3, Part 1!

This is it! The last day of the PAUL NASCHY BLOGATHON! And are the Naschy fiends across the worldwide web winding things down? Hardly! Rather, now that the finish line is in site, they seem to be summoning all their energy for one final sprint to glory!

via Trixie's Treats

Check out these great links since our last update!

  • Browse some of the fantastic images Pierre Fournier has gathered from selected Naschython posts and elsewhere at his awesome tumblr, Monster Crazy!
  • Dr. Gangrene closes out the Naschyfest in style, first with a brief (and unusual) rememberance of working with Naschy from his co-star in Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf, the delicious Shirley Corrigan! Then the good doctor offers all Naschy fans the chance to win a piece of original art by Rob Brown, a portrait of El Hombre-Lobo suitable for framing! Get over there and enter to win!
  • John at Kitley's Krypt offers up his fifth and final entry at the KK Naschyblog, the excellent Daninsky-saga entry (and Naschy's first time directing himself as Waldemar), Night of the Werewolf!
There may be more, but I'll have to catch up at lunch time or I'll be late for the day job. :P Keep those links coming, and keep checking back here throughout the day. Coming up: the Vicar's last review of the blogathon, of a Naschy movie unlike any other!

And as always, if I've left you out or overlooked your contribution PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'm only one man!

The Vicar

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