Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vicar-ious Verse at!

In addition to being a formidable force in the world of Mad Movie criticism and the Theology of Ancient Video Formats, your ever-lovin' Vicar also dabbles in the literary arts. He's a writer and poet (and most of you know it), and while Mad Movie writing takes up much of his time, he still dips his quill every now and then in the service of belles lettres.

I bring all this up because my free-verse poem, "Haunt," has just been published by the online journal ChiZine (aka Chiaroscuro; as part of their spooky Halloween issue. Those interested in literature and the Vicar as a person can check it out by clicking on the link below:

"Haunt," by Scott Standridge, on

Comments are invited and welcomed, so long as they're made up entirely of unqualified praise. ;)

Stay tuned for more Mad Movies, and our 200th review contest!


Anonymous said...

The same quill that regularly pens contemplations on the fine distinctions between genres of the undead, and so vividly expresses unbridled excitement over a burly Spaniard’s portrayal of the first-ever hunchback to get laid onscreen, also scribes such sensitive ruminations on the agony of lost passion? Who knew? You’re truly a Renaissance man.
Totally dug that last stanza, BTW.

The Vicar of VHS said...

@Geo--I'm like an onion: I have many layers, and the more you peel back, the more you want to cry. ;)

Thanks for reading though, and for your continued support!

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