Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Leon Klimovsky!

Yes, today would have been the 103rd birthday of Argentine director León Klimovsky, who made his mark in Spanish cinema partly by collaborating with the legendary, endlessly prolific and creative Spanish horror icon that we just LOVE to gush over here on Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies, Jacinto "Mighty Mighty" Molina, aka Paul "Fucking" Naschy.

"Of course I got to touch the pecs! I RULE!"

In celebration, please enjoy these reviews of some of Klimovsky's horror output, previously on MMMMMovies:
Also, go on over to the erudite, entertaining, and intimidating-with-his-intelligence Arbogast on Film to read a fascinating consideration of the lesbonic subtext in WWvVW (an acronym I never get tired of typing), as part of Arbogast's "31 Screams" series--which should be a daily click for horror geeks all through October:

Arbogast on Film: 31 Screams--Gaby Fuchs

So break out the Sangria, hire some gypsy dancers, and bid feliz cumpleaños a Señor Klimovsky!


Dan said...

Some of those Klimovsky/Naschy collaborations are excellent. I'd love to see a nice edition of PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK one of these days.

The Vicar of VHS said...

I've got a collector's copy of PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK, but at the time I watched it I think there was a glut of Naschy reviews on the site (imagine that!) so I held off. Need to rectify that!

Samuel Wilson said...

Vicar, of all the ones on your list I've only seen WWvVW (did I get that right?) under its Anchor Bay alias of Werewolf Shadow, but that was a bit of fun that left me willing to see more from Klimovsky. I couldn't get the much-too happy title music out of my head for a while, though neither Klimovsky nor Naschy's to blame for that.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Sam, you should really check out VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES. Talk about an incongruously toe-tappin' score! I love it though, and don't think I would enjoy the movie nearly as much without it. ;)

Klimovsky's films can be hit and miss--much as I love VotZ and WWvVW (It's like a drawing of the Pyrenees!), his tantalizingly-titled VAMPIRE'S NIGHT ORGY fails to deliver on the title's promise, and further wastes the talent of Vicar-fave ice queen Helga Line. Still, I get so much joy out of those first two films, I can't really hold it against him. :)

Arbogast said...

WWvVW (It's like a drawing of the Pyrenees!

Doesn't it seem like an emoticon will spring from that acronym?

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