Thursday, December 2, 2010

NASCHY BLOGATHON LINKS for Thursday, December 2, part 1!

The fourth day of the blogathon, and I'm starting to feel the effects of 5 hours of sleep a night trying to keep up with all the links. :P But I will persevere: the Power of Naschy compels me! Let's get to those links!

via Dr. Gangrene. Perfect.
  • Here's a real treat for all us Jacintophiles--"Naschy on Naschy!" David Zuzelo has scanned an article from Videooze magazine in which Paul Naschy himself goes through his entire filmography and comments on each flick! A priceless document! Get over to Tomb It May Concern right now and check it out!
      That's all for the first installment. Keep sending those links, and if I've left anyone out, let me know: And don't forget to vote in our Hairy Naschy poll!

      The Vicar

      PS--If you sent me something before the blogathon began, and I haven't posted it yet, PLEASE EMAIL and remind me! I think I'm up to date, but I certainly don't want to leave anyone out due to my lack of sleep and flightiness. :)

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        dr.morbius said...

        Psst. My Naschy post for today is up. Just sayin.

        (Capcha word for this is "brollin", which I take to be marketing for the new version of True Grit).

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