Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well, friends and parishioners, I'm feeling much better rested this morning, and was pleased to wake up to a few more last-minute entries in what has been, to my mind, an immensely successful blogathon! There will still be some housecleaning to do and summing up to accomplish over the next few days, to say nothing of rehydrating and deep-tissue massage. But enough of my yakkin'! Here are the links that came in just under the wire!

  • Fellow LOTT D-er Nate Yapp of the excellent and extensive has created a wonderful fan video condensing some of the most memorable moments of the Waldemar Daninsky series, set to the music of Arcade Fire's "Black Mirror"! And it's pretty amazing how well it fits--for my money, the band should adopt it as the official video! Check it out, linked here and also embedded below, by the editor's kind permission! RAWK!
  • Continuing the multi-media MADness, just after the clock struck midnight Thomas D. of Cinema Gonzo hurled his own hat into the ring, with this sprawling and awesome review (including video clips from Venom, Cathedral, Louis CK and Monty Python) of Paul Naschy's medieval morality tale-cum-torture porn, Inquisición!
  • Similarly refusing to be bound by the arbitrary concept of clock time, the tireless Dr. Morbius of Krell Labs offers her final experiment in the Naschython, with a thoughtful review of Paul's wild and not-so-woolly 1973 opus, The Hunchback of the Morgue!

And that's the news! If you've been working all week and just couldn't get the entry in before last night (doubtless due to mystical curses and gremlins from beyond seeking to quash the joy of Naschy love as best they can), go ahead and finish up and send me those links! But if everyone's had their final say on the matter, then it is with a tear in my eye and coffee in my hand that I must declare the Paul Naschy Blogathon--officially CLOSED.

Sort of. Probably.

Anyway, thanks again to all the great contributors and commenters for making this little project a success. It's been truly fantastic to see all the Naschy love every day of the week! I'll be archiving the links in perpetuity here at MMMMMovies, so as long as you've got the articles on your blogs, you're a part of the Paul Naschy Blogathon Memorial.

Sum-up post and stats still to come.

 ¡Viva El Hombre-Lobo! ¡Viva Naschy!

The Vicar 
Nate Yapp's fanvid, "Waldemar Daninsky's 'Black Mirror'"  (


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Kudos for putting this together.

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