Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RIP T.P. -- Actor Tony Fish (MADMAN, 1982) Passes Away

Sad news in the world of Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies this morning: Code Red DVD reports on its blog that Tony Fish, who assayed the role of camp counselor and hot-tub ballet star nonpareil T. P. in Vicar-fave 80's slasher MADMAN, passed away last year.

T. P. is Fish's only credited movie role on his imdb page, but it's a portrayal that should live on in the hearts of Mad Movie fans forever.

No one rocks the campfire like T.P.

T.P. valiantly attempts to free Axecalibur from its stump.

Here's a link to the item on Code Red DVD's blog announcing the sad news.

Here you can read the Vicar's paean to MADMAN and Fish's part in it, which is so wonderfully MAD it was selected as the proper film to mark our 100th review.

And finally, here you can download the Vicar's musical tribute, The Madman Theme Song--Extended Version, wherein I sing T.P.'s praises.

Rest in Peace, Tony, and thank you.

The Legend Lives


The Duke of DVD said...

I am saddened by this news. Greatly. Fish's portrayal of T.P. still stands as one of my favorite acting jobs in the realm of MAD movies, so much so that I was moved to compose an ode, contained within the Vicar's excellent review.

Rare is the person that moves the Vicar and I so. His cinematic flame was brief, but so very bright.

kindertrauma said...

Sad, sad news. All I could think about while reading this was "will they post a picture of the awesome T.P belt buckle?" and low and behold there it is.

The man is as legend!!!

Heaven just installed a new hot tub.


The Vicar of VHS said...

@kindertrauma -- A fitting tribute. And of the three magnificent belt buckles we currently feature in our reviews, TP's is definitely the grandest.

bazza said...

im deeply saddened by this news.im a madman fanatic and must have seen it 400 times.i cherish the memories i have surrounding this gem of a movie.tony was instrumental in scaring the pants offa me at 7 years old.the greatest hanging and hottub scenes in movie history in one film! goodbye tp you were a legend which will live on.

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