Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Rough Beasts...

...slouching toward Bethlehem to be born?

Born this day in 1927, Godfather of Gore Lucio Fulci.

Fulci, watching a mother scorpion eat her young.

C'mon folks, Lucio Fulci! Give it up!

Also, born this day in 1971, The Vicar.

Happy Birthday(s)!


Karswell said...

Wow, and Joe Piscopo too! Who knew so much greatness was born on one day! Happy B-Day!

The Duke of DVD said...

My dearest Vicar, congrats on yet another year of walking this mortal plane. Very soon you will shrug off your earthen tethers, whereupon your soul will drift out amongst the darkest corners of the universe, there to join the Ageless Ones in their endless debauchery.

Until such time, continue doing that which you do so well. Incidentally, your birthday gift is running late this year. Apparently, rising gas prices have put a damper on the importing of certain, shall we say, questionable, delicacies.

Tenebrous Kate said...

Happy Birthday to you, liebling Vicar! It is indeed a red-letter day on the Tenebrous Calendar.

I'll be sure to send you something *ghastly* to mark the occasion and will duly drink to your continued health and marvelousness this very evening.

The Costuminatrix said...

Happy birthday! May your vestments be always free of blood spatter.

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