Monday, June 23, 2008

BIG STUFF coming from MMMMMovies!

I know not all of you have been counting, but since the Duke and I first started foisting our cinematic philosophies upon an unsuspecting populace way back in August of ought-seven, we've logged very damn near 100 Reviews. And since the six-finger gene has been largely bred out of the human race resulting in base-10 rather than base-12 counting for most of the planet, that is what qualifies in layman's terms as a VERY BIG F*CKING DEAL.

(Note--we're dedicating review 144 to Anne Boleyn. We'll never forget your dexterity, Nay-Nay.)

We're not quite there yet--but the Duke and I know how to plan a party, so we've already laid in cases and cases of wine, two vats of well-aged Caribbean Rum (whoever finds the first chunk of preserved pirate captain in his glass wins the door prize!), and various casks of the Vicar's home-brewed barleywine in preparation. We're also running a recruiting drive for virgins in the surrounding townships, and although the Duke's last soiree severely depleted their ranks--both male and female--we're optimistic about the turnout. And we'll have cursed artifacts and animatronic dolls to entertain the kiddies, so families are welcome.

But everyone's keys go in the fishbowl. There is no negotiating that point.

So here's what you can look forward to--later this week the Duke returns with another appalling example of his beloved nunsploitation genre (he's got a filthy habit there...), which will bring us up to 96 reviews...

And after that, Red Rover, Bend Over, and let the Vicar take over for a MAD MAD MAD MAD theme week! Four films that test the limits of sanity and send us spiraling deeper into the black abyss of 100 reviews. Plus, the first-ever MMMMMovies Contest! You'll want to check back for details on how to win mmmmmemorabilia and maybe even a mmmmmovie or two from the vault to call your own.

In the mmmmmeantime--catch up your your reading of the archives. Your life may depend upon it.

love and fluffy bunnies,
The Vicar of VHS


Tenebrous Kate said...

*plunks keys in fishbowl*

Sadly, the Tenebrous Empire has no virgins to offer. I ran through them in the Love Train Recruiting Effort. Sorry about that...

I'm breathless with anticipation for nunsploitation and quadruple-M madness in the days to come.

Also--contests? Yeesh--you're getting softheaded with the summer heat, aren't you, Liebling? So much promise in a single post. *swoon*

The Duke of DVD said...

Tonight is the night, dearest Vicar. I plan on putting on my tightest lambskin breeches, Mongolian silk ruffled shirt complete with cream ascot, knee-high black Thylacine-skin boots engraved with runes of protection, my Moa feather cloak, and of course my trusty cane which is fashioned from the thighbone of a Ceratosaurus and topped with a platinum bat.

I shall recline on a pure white meridienne, drape a coverlet constructed of pure ermine, sewn together by enslaved gypsies, across my lap, and begin to enjoy the nunsploitation treasure that I have so recently procured during a recent jaunt into the wilds of northern Moravia.

My loins tingle with anticipation.

Karswell said...

Cool, contests and week long themes! I'm gonna feel right at goddamn home, goddamn it...

Jo said...

Damn, I sure like what you guys did to the place! And congrats on hitting 100 so far- on a roll, you are.

The Vicar of VHS said...

THERE you are, jo! I was wondering what became of you. After CG's mysterious disappearance I started to worry that maybe I was on some faceless killer's hit list...

[ended with an ellipsis]

I'm linking your new blog stat.

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