Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CTHULHU RISES! (Or, The Duke Gets Inked)

My dearest friends, it is I, The Duke of DVD, once more inserting myself into your lives like a trans-vaginal ultrasound!  Fear not the slimy touch and intense pressure, for it is none other than Cthulhu, the Ageless One from beyond time, ascending from his watery abyss to scourge and flay the minds of the shambling masses!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!  

(Incidentally, this hurt like a bitch.  Over 7 hours in the chair, 14 shades of black, 4 shades of gray/white, and 5 different tattoo guns.  I'm happy with it though, and wanted to share!)


Jenn said...

You did this all at once?!!! Please tell me you didn't! I'm sleeved out and it took FOREVER! Outline, shading, then color. I can't sit more than an hour or two. Go, Duke, go!

Jenn said...

And come on! Getting tattooed on your bicep is no biggie. Get your elbows, chest, and feet done and then come talk to me about pain :P

Thomas Duke said...

That's rad. I too am a Duke and have thought about maybe one day, just maybe, getting a Lovecraft tattoo. Either that or Kip Winger's face.

Brad said...

That sir, is dedication. When Cthulhu comes (and it will) I bet you will escape unscathed!

The Duke of DVD said...

@Jenn - Yep, all at once! I don't look forward to getting my feet tattooed, but where else can I put the stigmata except there and my wrists?

@Thomas Duke - How about a combo Lovecraft/Kip Winger tatt, where it's basically like mine, except the face is Kip Winger? That would be the most epic of all tatts!

@Brad - This was indeed part of the bargain. I mark myself as one of Cthulhu's legions and receive higher rank upon his ascendancy.

JamiSings said...

I blame you and your tattoo for one of the nightmares I had last night. Not the Gordon Ramsey one, but the Cthulhu/Pokémon one.

Here, I posted it on Tumblr.

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