Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fear the Voice of the Vicar!

Friends and parishioners, I know that many of you have never had the pleasure of traveling over fog-laden moors and craggy steeps to the Vicarage Proper, there to settle into the hard mahogany pews of the chapel to hear the bell-ringing stylings of Gotho the Hunchback before bearing witness first-hand to one of my informative, uplifting, and pants-ruining sermons. It's a shame, and probably destined to be one of the great disappointments of your life.

But never fear! Now you can bathe your ears in the dulcet tones of my voice in digital form! Some time back I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the honorary Bishop of Betamax, Jose Cruz of the estimable blog Mephisto's Castle. With the reel-to-reels rolling, we discussed one of my favorite films of all time: the Tod Browning-directed, circus-centric creeper entitled THE UNKNOWN (1927). Starring the godfather of all Horror Stars, Lon Chaney (Sr.), and a very young and distractingly hot Joan Crawford, this silent classic boasts no-armed knife-throwing, three-thumbed strangling, and some of the best acting in Chaney's long and justly storied career. So what are you waiting for? Get over to Jose's place and start listening now!

Sinister Spotlight: The Unknown with the Vicar of VHS (via Mephisto's Castle)

The Vicar

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Bill said...

Great to hear your voice, Vicar, and this is such a glorious film that deserves a wider audience. Fantastic stuff!

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