Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye Awful Aughts, Hello Terrific Teens!

As I select my robes of state for the evening festivities at the Duke of DVD's palace (the preparations have been intense--they've been hauling tuns of wine and mead up there for weeks, a herd of fatted boars was possessed by a legion of demons earlier this week and sent squealing over a cliff into the Duchy's largest stew-pot, and the screams from the Duke's dungeon as his torturers practice their piñata swings have been downright encouraging), I must apologize to my parishioners for the downfall in new content at the end of the year. But do YOU feel like working?

At any rate, 2010 promises to be another banner year for Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies, so once the hangovers are over and the streamers (organic and otherwise) stripped from the ceilings of the Duke's Orgy Chamber and Crisco Silo, look forward to more reviews, more features, more photos, and more MADNESS.

And thanks once again to all our followers, commenters, and silent lurkers. I can't say we wouldn't be doing this without you (if we had to tap our reviews in code through the grates of the Bastille, the Duke and I would still be entertained), but you definitely make it more fun.


The Vicar


Anonymous said...

That opening paragraph was epic. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Likewise, guys!

One of THE most entertaining blogs out there!

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