Monday, November 16, 2009

Upcoming on MMMMMovies: The Boris Karloff Blogathon

Parishioners and subjects, I know you to be people of impeccable taste, broad-ranging intelligence, and endearing intellectual curiosity. Therefore, if you're not visiting Pierre Fournier's exemplary blog Frankensteinia on at least a daily basis, you are sadly misusing your time. Msr. Fournier is a gentleman and a scholar with an endless passion for all things Frankenstein, and his frequent updates are a never-ending source of goodness for anyone with a predeliction for horror.

Next week, November 23-29, he is also sponsoring a Boris Karloff Blogathon, and has invited horror blogging luminaries from across the web to chime in with reviews, essays, and reminiscences about the man behind everyone's favorite monster. Your ever-lovin' Vicar has accepted Pierre's invitation, and will be contributing a review next week to which you can all look forward. So keep watching this space, bookmark/follow Frankensteinia today, and be sure to check out all the other fantastic entries that are doubtless going to pour in as well.

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