Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hail to the King, Baby

That's right, once again it's time to say feliz cumpleaños to the man, the myth, the legend, the one whose passion for monsters and movies inspired the Duke and I to take up our feather quills, dip them in Gypsy Tears Ink™, and start singing the praises of all that is joyful and MAD in the world of cinema: Jacinto Molina, aka Paul "Fucking" Naschy!

Of course they're celebrating all over Europe and also at the indispensable, from which I've excerpted the following passage in honor of Naschy's nativity:

Naschy grew up in the post civil war years of Spain under the fascistic regime of Franco. At an early age, his mother used to take him to the movies to see serials like DOCTOR SATAN and DRUMS OF FU MANCHU, developing within the boy a fascination for genre-filmmaking. In Spain at that time the exhibition of horrors films was rare and, when they were shown, they were meant for an older audience. But, at the age of eleven, Jacinto managed to get into a screening of Universal's FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN. The film so impressed the young Jacinto that, afterwards, he spent some time drawing the characters.
And the rest, as they say, is history! For more info and lots and lots of awesomeness, visit today. And friend the man himself on his Facebook page!

Of course the Duke and I are also marking Jacinto's birthday with bacchanals, orgies, and nonstop screenings of his films in Spanish, English, and Braille. But that's not all! We're also declaring this MMMMMovies' PAUL NASCHY WEEK! Look forward to a new Naschy review from both the Vicar AND the Duke (Tues. and Thurs., mark your calendars!), and we'll cap off the week with a visual treat for all our fellow Naschy fans. Are you as excited as I am? No, you can't be!

So stay tuned, parishioners and subjects, and LET THE NASCHTRAVAGANZA BEGIN!


prof. grewbeard said...

wow, is that a photo or a painting? it should be occupying an ornate frame over a mantelpiece in a gothic castle- his, naturally.

word verification, would you believe it?- angstsit! tell that angst to sit, it's party time!...

Michael J. said...

My thanks to you both, Vicar and Duke, for introducing me to His Naschyness. I confess, I was a Naschy novice when I came across your site but months ago -- with a copy of Horror Rises from the Tomb sitting un-viewed in my collection! Thanks to your patient tutelage -- while no Molina Master such as yourselves -- my knowledge of The Jacinto is now no jest.
I shall celebrate the day by practicing leap attacks on unsuspecting passerby, and viewing my recently-received copy of Rojo Sangre while drinking high-strength sangria and Twittering in bad Spanish. Muchas gracias, y feliz cumpleanos, senor Naschy!

Jenn said...

Woohoo! I got so excited, my hangover went away. Nope, wait, it's back! Still!

Depressed because I couldn't think of what to get him, wines drunkened me last night. Think I'll start celebrating again!

Samuel Wilson said...

I'm wondering why that bit of biography made me imagine an alternate version of Spirit of the Beehive in which little Jacinto, traumatized by his first exposure to a Universal monster show, starts precociously staking, burning or silver-bulleting everyone in sight. For all I know, somewhere in the realm of Naschiania, a narrative along these lines actually exists. If it doesn't, consider my idea an act of birthday homage to the great man.

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