Thursday, February 5, 2009


Last week the inestimable Ruler of the Tenebrous Empire, Tenebrous Kate, honored Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies with the Premio Dardos award. We are pleased to be thought of so highly by someone of whom we think likewise highly-high, and also a bit humbled to find ourselves in such rarefied company.

More info about the Dardos award:

The Dardos Award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.

The Rules are:

1) Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and a link to his/her blog.

2) Pass the award to another five blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement, remembering to contact each of them to let them know they have been selected for this award.

Since La Belle Dame Tenebrous was so kind as to hurl her Prize Darts at the Duke and me, like Ralphus casting his missles at the bare/bound backside of a slave girl, we are pleased to do the same toward these five fine examples of bloggery, whose consistently entertaining effluence is available to all, and of whose brilliance you may not be aware. We're here to help--or rather *I* am, as the Duke is currently backpacking around the Iberian peninsula, staying in strange hostels and getting up to who-knows-what mischief. At any rate, the MMMMMovies-approved honorees:

  1. Arena of the Unwell. The maddest blog you're probably not reading (but should be), this this is the venue where trash-movie mad Brit Ashton Lamont spews his gobsmackingly hilarious and sometimes sticky entertainment juice on whoever passes by. Put on an old shirt and go strolling past today.
  2. Doomed Moviethon. Short, sweet, and soaked in J&B, Richard over at DM is a kindred soul and a warrior pope in the army of b-movie appreciation. His periodic weekend-long moviethon write-ups are must-read events on anyone's calendar.
  3. Giallo Fever. Another Brit who Just Won't Quit, Keith at Giallo Fever gives thoughtful, exhaustive scholarly reviews of gialli, krimini, and Eurosleaze that make me wish I'd stayed in school.
  4. Mondo 70: a Wild World of Cinema. Who knew Uncle Sam was this cool? Samuel Wilson just keeps on bringing it with his considerations of everything from 70s drive-in fare to kung-fu action flicks to the art of Werner Herzog.
  5. The Film Fiend. A great resource for movies you've never heard of but will end up wanting to see, thanks to the Fiend's incisive and entertaining reviews. Check him out and you'll see why he's been on the Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies link list from the beginning.
And there you go, folks! You have your orders--go show these blogs some love, and tell them the Vicar sent you!

Nota Bene: Obviously if you were left out of this list, your blog is crap. Just kidding--it's so hard to pick five, and if you were already honored elsewhere, I used that to make my narrowing-down process easier. And since I've never been one to play by the rules, I'd like to throw a prize dart at my good buddy Karswell's daily (dar)dose of pre-code Horror Comics madness, The Horrors of It All. If you're not docking your ship of state daily at Mad Doctor Karswell's island of cool in a sea of post-code comic boredom, well, I just don't know what to say to you. Oh, yes I do: Get thee to a nunnery!


Tor Hershman said...

Now here's a reall mad movie

slizwiz said...

I hope this award is for my written accomplishments and not based solely on my looks. Thanks, duder!

-Richard of Doomed Moviethon

The Vicar of VHS said...

Tor--do you work for the Discovery channel?

Richard--only my hairdresser knows for sure!

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