Monday, November 24, 2008

Vicar-ious Verse: Ode to Coffin Joe

Another in the Vicar's series of sonnets inspired by Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies. Enjoy!

O Novo Mundo Estranho

His staircase is composed of human beings
crouched on all fours, like dogs at his command;
He stretches out to you a taloned hand,
his bearing and composure like a king's;

All round about his head the colors shift--
the world is suddenly liquid and strange;
his thoughts entire geometries derange
and set all moral sanity adrift;

His cape a devil's wings, his eyebrow creased
with fury, his top hat an altar stone
whereon is sacrificed and stripped to bone
your remnant mind, awakening the beast--

So best sit back and just enjoy the show,
in this strange world of Zé do Caixão.

"Guess who?"


Tenebrous Kate said...

My tiny paintings are humbled by your poetry. I tip my fabulous hat to you, Vicar!

Does it count for something that I made a silkscreen of that photo of Coffin Joe? OK WAIT! Here's a FLAWLESS plan to make BIG MONEY--we can go halvsies on tshirts with my silkscreen on the front and your poem on the back ;)

The Vicar of VHS said...

Kate--it's a deal! Probably the *only* way I could make Big Money off my writing. ;P

Rev. Fred Phantom said...

I dig it. Very cool.

Kitty LeClaw said...

Magnifique! I am especially fond of the notion of setting "all moral sanity adrift."

Better get a move on, before all the lakes freeze over!

Karswell said...

Mad Hatter lyrics, if I ever I heard...

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