Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Naschy Beach Party!

Hello out there, parishioners and subjects! As you've doubtless noticed, things have been slow around here lately. It's been a dark time around the Vicarage the last couple of months--abandoned by my Dark Muse, I have found myself adrift in the black waters of the Sea of Despond, arms flailing uselessly against the waves as I seek purchase on its unforgiving and indifferent surface. Times I have thought I spied land on the horizon, only to discover instead the slime-glistening husk of a gigantic dead creature, its rotting shell home to nameless, slithering things that smell strongly of rancid yogurt.

Still, things are perhaps not entirely bleak; I've been kicking around some new ideas I hope to act on soon, Cthulhu willin' and the crick don't rise--so watch out for that. And I've also found inspiration in another medium, in the form of this wonderful piece of art I recently commissioned from the immensely groovy and talented Becca of the excellent blog No Smoking in the Skull Cave and the aptly titled tumblr Becca Rocks! Feast your eyes in wild wonder on this morsel of Molina-centric awesomeness:

"The Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman: Tiki Verson," by Becca
Seriously, how awesome is that? Very, is how. Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased with what Becca did to bring my skewed vision of a vampire/werewolf beach party to life, and will definitely be cooking up more fiendish ideas to test her sketchy prowess in the future.

And of course I encourage any art-loving parishioners out there to do the same: if you have a spooky, sexy, or otherwise off-kilter idea for a piece of art but lack the necessary skill to bring it to fruition, you can do as I did and commission Becca to achieve your nefarious goals. Details and prices can be found at The Becca Shop and the abovementioned blogs, along with lots of cool pin-up inspired art of varying work-safety but uniform awesomeness. Check it out!

And thanks again, Becca, for giving me something to stare at for inspiration. After all, how bad can things be, how terrible a world can we live in, when things like this can exist in it?

"Chin up, Vicar," the Mighty Mai-Tai Molina seems to say. "And Aloha!"
The Vicar


The Duke of DVD said...

Becca did a wondrous job, there is no doubt. I notice you've placed it on your mantel. Wouldn't it be more fitting to move it down a few feet to be near your alabaster phallus collection?

Darius Whiteplume said...

Very cool.

@Duke: I think only Jess Franco memorabilia should go with the alabaster phallus collection :-) (what is it with Jess and the magic dildos?)

The Duke of DVD said...

@Darius, you are correct, sir. By the by, "The Magic Dildos" would make a great name for a folk rock band based out of New Orleans.

Al Bruno III said...

Becca does great work doesn't she?I have been using her artwork for my LOCAL HEROES stories. Not only does she capture exactly what I want- sometimes she visualizes the characters even better than I did.

Al Bruno III said...

Vicar, hang in there with the whole writers blocking thing. It was a real problem for me for a time. Usually it means there is something bothering you and maybe you just need to talk to someone about what's tearing you up inside.

I mean aside from the alabaster didos that are tearing you up inside. Maybe you should use more lubricant?

The Vicar of VHS said...

Thanks, Al. You could be right.

And Duke, I've told you before: what happens on the mantel STAYS on the mantel!

Nicole Hadaway said...

That is too groovy of a beach party, I have to say!

dr.morbius said...

That needs to be on a big-ass beach towel, don't you think?

Al Bruno III said...

Morbius, are you saying the Vicar has a big ass?

As if I didn't love him enough...

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