Friday, September 10, 2010

Vicar-ious Tidbits: or, Eyes without a Face(book)

A couple of tidbits for all my interested parishioners: first and foremost, I have decided to lessen confusion about how my fiends and admirers can get in touch with me by rolling out a new, simplified email address. You may now send your requests, observations, suggestions, love poems, thoughts too ribald for popular consumption, and social security numbers to me at


What could be simpler than that? Try it! It's fun!

Also, I have decided that in order to spread my gospel of movie madness more effectively, I need much deeper penetration into the soft fleshy folds of social media. Therefore, I would like to announce that you can now visit and interact with the Vicar of VHS on my brand spankin' new Facebook page:

I'm still new to the whole booking of face thing, so there may be changes and massive service disruptions as I find my way around, and of course I'll be needing a whole lot of tech savvy friends. So by all means, friend me like mad minx, my parishioners!*

"Don't be a dillweed, Vicar--FRIEND ME already!"

*Note: friend requests may not be responded to during business hours

And finally, if are any of you parishioners or other reprobates are going to be at the New York Comic Con a scant month from now? Do you fancy a photo op with an Internet Superstar, Religious Icon, and Idol of Meeelions? If so, drop me a line at either or both locations above--because on October 9-11, THE VICAR TAKES MANHATTAN!


Emily said...

D'oh, I don't have Comic Con plans since I'm spreading my conventionness over Rock 'n Shock & Horror Hound. I suppose I'll just have to be your phake phacebook phriend instead.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Sorry to hear our paths won't cross. :( But the phacebook phreakiness will be a sphort of conspholation. Or sphomethingph. :P

(Again, I can't confirm/deny requests while under The Man's thumb during business hours, but will do so at home. Be patient! ;) )

Al Bruno III said...

When I saw that this thread was about 'The Vicar's Tidbits' I was very excited but apparently I misread things.

I am very dissapointed.

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