Thursday, July 22, 2010

We'll Tumblr for Ya!

Friends, the Duke of DVD and I are nothing if not slaves to peer pressure. After watching a lot of our friends and colleagues make use of "The Tumblr," it was only a matter of time before we flocked like a pair of desperate lemmings to the precipitous cliff that is this new (to us) blogging tool.

Therefore, prepare to add these to your bookmarks!

The VHS Vicarage - The Vicar's Tumblr
The Ducal Estate - The Duke of DVD's Tumblr (Note! Far too ribald for your place of employment!)

Fear not, parishioners--these sites will not be replacing the Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies you've come to know and lust after. Think of them as supplemental materials, the doodlings in the margin of the grand illustrated tome we put forth here week after week. Expect random observations, groovy posters and stills, links to matters of interest, and anything else that doesn't fit strictly under the MMMMMovies aegis.

As an example of the kind of stuff we'll be dumping on you with this new outlet, please click here to read/download my 2008 interview with horror-metal icon King Diamond, originally written for City Slab magazine but sadly never published before...until now!

But wait, there's more! Taking a tip from the illustrious Tenebrous Kate of Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire and her cohort Darius Whiteplume of Adventures in Nerdliness (and a gajillion other blogs and tumblrs), with their tribute to the hissy-throwing sexiness of one Herr Helmut Berger, we've erected a new webshrine for the patron saint of MMMMMovies!

Fuck Yeah, Paul Naschy! Tumblr

("Erect" being the operative word, obvously)


The Vicar


Scare Sarah said...

I say! Some exciting stuff there!

Jenn said...

I love that it's actually called the 'fuck yeah, Naschy Tumblr.'

The Vicar of VHS said...

@Scare Sarah -- Thanks! Stay tuned for many more pretty pictures and pointless ribaldry! ;)

@Jenn -- There are actually a lot of "Fuck Yeah" tumblrs out there; it's kind of a meme. :P But I wager few of them roll off the tongue as well as "Fuck Yeah Naschy!" ;)

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