Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Case You're Interested...

The webzine Pulp Engine (http://www.pulpengine.com) has published another of my short stories. If you have a hankering for some fiction, go check it out!

"At the Top of My Lungs"--Not so much horror as a weird idea I had. From the editorial summary:

At 9:32 a.m. on a Thursday morning, Ed Prescott began to scream. So begins Scott Standridge's latest tale raises the pitch from something horrific to, perhaps, something else entirely.

And here's a link to my previous story on Pulp Engine, which is totally horror, "What You Made Me."

Once, she was hopeful, even happy, with plans for the future. That's all gone now, though. Now, Sherry Williams' loss consumes her, like a cancer growing out of her heart, growing and throbbing, beating with a life of its own, consuming . . . like a tumor . . . .

Please let me know what you think!
--The Vicar


JP said...

Enjoyed "...Lungs." Made for a good lunchtime read. Kept pondering the source of the scream until I realized the source wasn't the point.

Good stuff. Reminded me of some early King with the attention to ordinary details to show this was an extraordinary happening in an ordinary world.

Scare Sarah said...

Cool. Thanks for the heads up!

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