Friday, July 17, 2009

Multimedia Madness: The Vicar's Audio Interview with BARBARA CRAMPTON!

Barbara Crampton Week: FINALE!

Greetings, Parishioners! It's the Vicar of VHS here, stepping out from behind the usual obfuscation of text in order to bring you this glorious, multimedia capper Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies' Barbara Crampton Theme Week!

From 2005 to 2008 I wrote and edited for the horror magazine City Slab, which was published out of Seattle. The magazine is sadly defunct now, but we did some good work there that I'm still very proud of. At any rate, in 2007 I went to the FearFest Horror Convention in Mesquite, Texas, ostensibly to drum up interviews for the magazine-- but really I had one goal that I focused on with laser-like precision: to meet and talk to Scream Queen extraordinaire Barbara Crampton, star of such mad movie favorites as From Beyond, Castle Freak, Chopping Mall, and of course 1985's Re-Animator, wherein her fearless performance had a far-reaching formative influence on legions of pimply, pubescent horror fans of the era--not least your ever-lovin' Vicar. That I managed to do so without having a heart attack, slobbering all over my convention pass, or collapsing in a heap of quivering, worshipful goo is, I think, a testament to my consummate skills as a journalist.

Unfortunately we never used the resultant interview for a City Slab feature, but I held on to the audio file all these months, my favorite souvenir of my trip to that deliciously smoke-flavored Dallas Suburb. And today I'm proud to present it to you, as a pyrotechnic closing entry for our wildly successful Barbara Crampton Week. So without further ado, please enjoy my EXCLUSIVE 2007 interview with the central figure in the dreams of countless undersexed horror nerds and the ruin of God knows how many VCR rewind mechanisms, the lovely and talented Barbara Crampton!

Click the player below to listen in wonder!

If you prefer to put a little Vicar in your pocket (or if the streaming has issues), you can download the interview mp3 from here: It's free, you just have to wait a minute. ;)


ETA: Don't be thrown off by the crap editing immediately before we talk about Barbara's daytime TV work--though it seems nonsensical, it's actually part of a deeply personally meaningful system of symbols and resonances akin to David Lynch's most nonlinear storytelling. ART, people. :P

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