Friday, April 17, 2009

Vicar-ious Verse: The Readiness is All

Well, another rough week for updates--blame it on tax time, insomnia, or the fact I neglected to bring my thumb drive to work today. New reviews are coming, but in the meantime, enjoy this bit of b-movie poetry (B-Sonnet?) by the Vicar!

The Readiness is All

I've filed my toenails down to sharpened points
and practiced crawling up the castle walls;
built up my pecs and stretched out all my joints
so I can crazy-walk down darkened halls.

I've spent hours at the glass perfecting glares
and teasing out the gray hairs in my ears;
and I can creep down cobweb-covered stairs
without breaking one strand--that took me years.

So when those teenagers' car has a flat
and they come to my door to use the phone
(my cell reception's nil--imagine that!),
I'll greet them with a polished, chilling groan,

Listen impassively, invite them in--
and then, whoa Nelly! Let the show begin!

You can read more of the Vicar's horror sonnets


The Costuminatrix said...

Shakespeare would be proud.


The Vicar of VHS said...

Pfft. Shakespeare's a piffle. I've written TWICE as many sonnets as he did. Quantity, not quality, THAT'S my motto! ;)

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