Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Paul Naschy!

Yes, somehow it totally slipped our minds here that the 73rd nativity of Jacinto "Mighty Mighty" Molina was upon us, and it passed by on Saturday, September 6 while the Duke and I were having our weekly Business Meeting and Ecclesiastical Crisco Wrestling Tournament. A sad state of affairs, but nonetheless:


Naschy looks on in horror as the Duke performs the Inverted Leg Scissors on Sister Mary Francesca de la Badonkadonk

(image stolen from I'm in a Jess Franco Frame of Mind's review of Exorcismo--still on the Vicar's "to-be-praised" list.)

But Naschy shouldn't feel too bad about the oversight, as the Duke and I let July 18th go by without even mentioning it was MAD MAD MAD MAD MOVIES' 1-Year anniversary! See, THAT'S how on top of things we are. (And NOBODY sent us a card, either. *sniff*)

Oh well--we look forward to many more years of bringing our faithful readers the maddest of the mad, and spreading the Doctrine of the Glorious Failure throughout all movie-watching-dom. Thanks to all our loyal subjects and parishoners for helping make it so damn much fun.

Now get out, before I release the hounds.


The Headless Werewolf said...

A fist pump into the air for the Nasch-man! I love that still from EXORCISM. Hetero-man-crush for me all the way.

Anonymous said...

"Hetero-mancrush," indeed.

Back when the Internet was in its infancy, I did an Alta-Vista search for more information about Naschy, and I found myself in the torrid underground of bear-fetish MOTSS bulletin boards.

Talk about an eye-opener.

Happy Birthday, Sr Molina! I trust your virile, 100% manhood has kept the bear-hunters at bay.

Tenebrous Kate said...

I'm fanning myself vigorously on the divan over Sr. Naschy's pure manly goodness. *swooooon* Every day is a party in MY universe (usually a Halloween party, but that's beside the point) so I wound up celebrating this momentous day in style. COUNT ON IT!

Also, happy (checks calendar) one year and almost two months' anniversary to you and that mysterious man known only as the Duke of DVD! I'm sure I celebrated on July 18th as well ;)

The Duke of DVD said...

Ahh Paul... How I worship thee. Your manly pecs are only overshadowed by your musky scent. I raise a goblet in your honour, sir, and shall endeavour to not let Crisco Wrestling interfere with the most holiest of days ever again.

As regards to our own anniversary here at MMMMMovies, I must say it totally ambushed me, like a greased gypsy leaping from a hedgerow, fangs bared, causing me to bellow like a frightened ox before plunging my rapier into its chest.

And like the ease with which I can dispose of an unwanted body via the expedient use of hungry boars, the Vicar and I shall continue bringing all that is ribald and righteous to you, our dear readers.

JoseViruete said...

Hey, I was having dinner with Naschy that night! Will try to foward him this post.

The Vicar of VHS said...


OMG, are you kidding? Please please please please PLEASE tell Mr. Naschy that there are a couple of guys running this site who LOVE him and honestly think he is the greatest thing EVER! I would LOVE to know that he knew!

You can e-mail me at scott.axeman[at] if you like! Thanks for stopping by!

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