Monday, March 17, 2008


...who are planning to run out and see Diary of the Dead when it opens in your town, a word of advice:


It's bad. Amazingly bad. Shockingly bad. Worse than you could possibly imagine. So bad, that if I hadn't wanted it to be good, it would have been absolutely hilarious.

The acting is terrible. The direction is seriously flawed. The script is, without exaggeration, the worst example of writing I have ever experienced in a movie theater or at home.

Take a look around the site a minute and let that sink in.

Ordinarily I would encourage folks to see it themselves and form their own opinions, but believe me, in this case I'm saving you unnecessary pain. Watch Night, Dawn, or Day instead. In fact, watch My Boyfriend's Back. It's a better zombie movie, and scarier. Seriously.

If you think I'm overstating, just plop down your money and go see it.

But seriously, don't. Just don't.

A PSA from the Vicar of VHS


Karswell said...

Not much of a warning for me, I've been steering clear of his films in theatres since Monkey Shines. I'll watch 'em free on cable but there seriously hasn't been much to get excited about from him since Day of the Dead. I liked a few moments of LOTD but overall, ho hum.

Ever see Bruiser? Big turd.

The Vicar of VHS said...

You know, I was reminded (painfully) of Bruiser while watching this. I remember before Bruiser came out in 2000 all the fanboys were saying "At last, we get to see Romero work without studio interference, from his own script, with his own ideas, his own art!" And what was the result? As you say, a great big smelly cinematic turd.

That said, Bruiser looks like Dawn next to Diary.

The Film Fiend said...

Diary of the Dead reminded you of Bruiser? Yikes. That's definitely not a good sign. Even Peter Stormare couldn't save that cinematic mess. Thanks for the warning.

The Vicar of VHS said...

What's amazing to me about Bruiser is that there are people out there who actually defend it. And reading some of the reviews of Diary, I'm getting that same feeling--people raving about it, calling it "genius" and "scary" and "competent," words that didn't enter my mind ONCE while watching it. It makes me wonder if maybe my theater got the mysterious "crap" edit by mistake, and others saw a completely different film.

Will Errickson said...

I believe you. I saw a clip of it awhile back and was *appalled* at the level of acting and the dialogue. It was abysmal. Vowed to stay far away. Bad-bad, not good-bad, as they say.

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