Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TWO New Coffin Joe Films in 2008?!?!

Wow. This must be a harbinger of the End Times. I mean, we already knew that Jose Mojica Marins was going to unleash the third (and final?) film in the true Coffin Joe trilogy this year, Embodiment of Evil, thus throwing all creatures in this mortal plane into torment and confusion and possibly bringing about the downfall of civilization as we know it. But now TwitchFilm and others around the net are reporting that a lost Mojica film has been found, restored, and will likewise be set loose to destroy in this last year of our Lord, 2008! Abandon hope!

According to this news item on TwitchFilm, the movie is titled A Praga (English translation, The Plague) and was shot on 8MM way back in 1980. The movie was shelved for financial reasons, and there it has remained, waiting, biding its time... Now, with renewed interest in Mojica's work and Embodiment of Evil slated for release in Brazil in July (delayed from March 13, the director's birthday), Mojica has dusted it off, shot a few final scenes, and is planning to release this film as well! Saints preserve us!

Here's the plot from TwitchFilm, which sounds suitably Mojican and awesome:

Written by longtime collaborator Rubens F. Luchetti, A Praga (The Plague) tells the story of a young couple that goes out in a small trip and inadvertently takes some pictures of a strange old lady (played by the late Wanda Kosmo) who turns out to be a sinister witch. Doing what witches are expected to do, she places a terrible curse upon them.
Awesome awesome awesome. Here's hoping that all this renewed interest encouraged someone to restore and package more of Mojica's work, including all 14 films that Something Weird released on VHS back in the 90s.

TwitchFilm has stills, so go check it out now! Also, while you're there, take in the mindbending, soul-shattering trailer for Embodiment of Evil. (NSFW, nor for sanity!) And despair, ye mortals! DESPAIR!

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