Monday, January 14, 2008

The Vicar of All Media!: or, MMMMMovies Blows Up

Quick announcement to parishoners--if you're interested in learning more about the childhood traumas that created the warped and stunted personality we today know as The Vicar of VHS, then surf on over to the wild and wonderful Kindertrauma and read the Vicar's own confession--or rather, "traumafession"--on one of the most traumatic experiences of the Vicar's childhood, 1980's killer-kid movie The Children. Direct link to the Vicar's traumafession here.

And be sure to hang around Kindertrauma and sample more of its delights. Everyone will find some childhood horror to relive there, I'm sure.

But that's not all! In the upcoming issue of City Slab Magazine out of Seattle, Washington, an article on the history of the Sweeney Todd legend will include as a sidebar a condensed version of the Vicar's review of the 1936 Tod Slaughter film. And the Vicar's alter-ego, Scott Standridge, contributes to that same issue a scholarly article on the films of MMMMMovie favorite Jose Mojica Marins. Look for City Slab #12, due out in March of '08, available at Barnes and Noble and other booksellers on the West Coast and some provinces of Canada, and throughout the US via City Slab's website.

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CG said...

Congrats on....well, all of it.

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