Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday, Paul Naschy!

Yes, today is the nativity of Spanish horror icon and Mmmmmovie favorite Jacinto Molina, aka Paul Naschy. In honor of the occasion I'm posting my review of Paul's first starring role, Frankenstein's Bloody Terror, which is amazing and wonderful and awesome.

The indefatiguable Naschy has made dozens of movies in his career and is still working--in fact his latest directorial, script-writing, and starring effort, EMPUSA, is due out next year! Here's a plot synopsis from the movie's very own blog (bookmark it NOW!) that should make any Naschy fan giggle with uncontrollable excitement:

Abel (Naschy), an ex-actor who has become an occultism enthusiast, and Victor, an old sea captain, take long walks on the beach talking about the good old times. During one of those strolls they find the arm of a woman slashed below the elbow, with a rare symbol drawn or tattooed on the wrist. Obsessed by the awesome discovery, Abel decides to take home the maimed arm and investigate the symbol. In an old book of Greek mythology he finds out that it´s the ancient seal of the Empusa, a hybrid being that's a cross between a vampire, a snake and a seagull.
See, lesser filmmakers would stop with the vampire/snake hybrid. Not Naschy, though. No fuckin' way.

The Duke and I are as excited as two Frenchmen who have just invented self-removing trousers about this, and you should be too. So keep checking the EMPUSA blog, the wonderful Mark of Naschy website (your best online Naschy resource), and right here for the latest info.

And happy birthday, Paul!

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